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How to Properly Finish off Tile Edges

Posted by Kara Jacobson on

When you're looking at the big picture, there are some small things you may not consider when starting a project.  One of those details that tends to get overlooked alot among our customers is finishing off the tiled edge.  Our first option is bullnose.  If you're not familiar with bullnose, it is a tile with a rounded smooth edge that sometimes manufacturers will offer with their lines.   This is a coordinating material you'll want to pick out along with your tile so that you or your contractor can properly measure and order for the layout for your project. 

If the tile you choose does not have a coordinating bullnose,  it might be possilbe to have them custom made. Stone and porcelain can be ground down and finished on the edge as they have the same material running all the way through, so you may want to ask if this is a possibility. 

Metal  & Plastic Edging

However, bullnose is not the only option you have, if you prefer a cleaner and more modern looking finish, you may want to consider using a metal or plastic edging.  These are available in several different metal finishes, such as bronze, brushed steel, aluminum, etc. And, if you are looking for a more cohesive look, they also come in several color options, as well, so you can coordinate with the colors in your chosen tile. 


Chair Rails & Pencil Moldings

Another great option that adds a little more detail and interest is the chair rail or pencil molding. These come in a variety of styles and colors, so even if the the tile doesn't offer a molding option you may be able to find a coordinating material amongst other tile lines. 

      Here's an example of both options being used along with a mosaic decorative. 


Caulking the edge is probably the easisest and most affordable of all options.  With tiles that are polished, beveled or more finished like glass on the edge, applying a thin bead of caulk is definately a applicable solution. Tiles that have a tumbled edge or are thicker with raw edges will probably look far more finished with one of the solutions above. 

Whatever solution you decide to go with make sure you are planning for it at the same time your making your tile selection, it will most likely make a difference in your measurements and square footage.  We can assure you having this smooth transtion from tile to wall will make your space look complete and finished!  Have a project in mind?  Visit us today at 3A Business Way in Hopedale, MA or at our online store!