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2019 Tile Trends

Posted by Kara Jacobson on

What are we seeing trending in tile for 2019?  Manufacturers continue to create more colors and variation to some popular styles you've seen in the past, as well as bring some new designs to life, here's what we're predicting to be some of the more popular tile trends you'll surely see more of this year.  

1. Handcrafted Tile

We're calling it handcrafted... whether it has the look of a handpainted field tile or handglazed subway....we're loving the natural, organic feel of some of these trending tiles often featured in the "new" farmhouse style of today. 

2. Herringbone 

Herringbone is definately taking floors, walls and backsplashes by storm.   It is a classic style that originated in Roman roadways for it's durability, but today we are finding it is one the biggest trends in interior design, especially tile.   It gives a whole new dimension and interest to flooring and virtually fits into any style. 

3. Concrete-Look

Even it's name, Concrete, sounds strong.  It's durable, neutral in color, has great texture and can be warm while still remaining sleek and modern.  We're especially loving it in the hexagon shape that's so popular today. 

4.  Earth Tones

Bringing a little of the outdoors in can definately be accomplished with the earthtones we are seeing in today's tile designs. Pebbles on the shower floor, slate and encaustic tiles are a great place to find these beautiful earthy tones. 


5. Muted Pastels

They're not the pastel kitchens and baths of the 60's, but maybe somewhat reminiscent with a much softer feel.  These muted tones are definately showing up in more styles and will likely fit into any space where you might be looking for a hint of subtle color.  

6. Specialty Shapes

You can get tile in virtually any shape you can think of today, its a great way to add a pop of interest to an area or bring attention to a room's focal point.  Pickets, fishscale, lanterns, and hexagon are amongst some popular shapes available today. Looking to bring a little interest to behind the stove, shower, or a fireplace?  Looking at some of these specialty shapes might just be the answer, they also pair well with subway and field tiles. 

7. Wood-Effect 

It's been around for a while now, but this trend is going strong and we are seeing more and more options as many homeowners are turning to this durable solution for their home.  More colors, more depth and variation, weathered or distressed....whatever the look you're trying to accomplish you're likely to find in wood-effect tile.  

8.  Black & White

Timeless and classic, black and white has always been around, but it's getting a new face with different tile shapes, patterns and the popular contrasting grout trend. 

If you're looking to bring a fresh modern look into your home but also want to remain classic, what's trending today seems to be the best of both.  Want to see what's new in tile.....come visit our showroom at 3A Businesss Way in Hopedale, MA...we're always getting new styles in!!