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Why Does My Tile Look Cloudy?

Posted by Kara Jacobson on

If you recently had new tile installed and you are noticing a filmy, cloudy finish on your tile, there's a good chance this is leftover residue caused by your grout.   Grout is made up of minerals and cement, during its application process it is mixed with water and applied to the tile with a rubber float.  Almost all of the tile surface at some point will come in contact with the grout mixture.  If the tile is not properly cleaned after installation, you may be left with grout haze,  minerals left over on the tile once the grout and water has dried.   


So how do you get rid of this ?  There are several steps to ensure that you remove your grout haze properly. 

1.  Wait for the grout to properly cure on new installations, typically 48-72 hours

2.  Start clean up within 10 days for best results

3.  Use a Professional Haze remove and follow the manufacturers recommendations.

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