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Porcelain or Ceramic- Who Would Win?

Posted by Kara Jacobson on

All tile is not created equal, each holds it’s place depending on the situation.  So which is best for your project? Let’s see how you fair on this tile quiz. 

Your remodeling your bathroom?

Porcelain!  Porcelain is denser than ceramic meaning it does not allow liquids to penetrate as much as ceramic.  It would be the ideal choice for any area that is high in moisture or has the potential for water to come into play, such as laundry rooms, kitchens, mudrooms or entrances.

Your taking on this project yourself as an amateur?

Ceramic!  Ceramic is easier to work with , it’s easier to cut, install and adheres a little easier to your surface, therefore making it a better choice if you’re not so confident in your DIY skills.

You have a limited budget?

Ceramic!  Ceramic is more cost effective than porcelain, there are plenty of great choices available for less than $2 a square foot.  High end porcelain could cost you upwards of $5./sf.

You live in cold climate and are looking to tile your patio or outdoor area?

Porcelain wins again! Because ceramic absorbs more moisture in freezing temps this will cause the tiles to expand and break so you may want to invest the extra money into porcelain.

Tiling your Living Room or Hallway?

If you guessed porcelain, you’d be right! Although both would beat out carpet and hardwood, ceramic color and pattern is printed on the surface where porcelain runs all the way through making it a better choice for wear and tear in high traffic areas.

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